Yeah, you found me!

I am a Saviour of Maidens, Champion of Heroes, Slayer of Dragons and Defender of all things pink and fluffy.

It is great to have you here, let me take you for a tour (offers you a glass of pink champagne and comfy slippers).

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I love the sound of my own voice

Sarah’s New Novel

"For the perfect thigh gap you should be able to put your hand between your thighs easily while stood up... Come on Alice, stand up I want to put my hand between your inner thighs” he winks jumping down from the chair. The whole class chorus in laughter and he grabs me by the shoulders."

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Be Bright, Be Bold, Be Brave

My mission in life is support people to have the courage and bravery to be awesome and do amazing stuff in the world.

At the moment I use my superpowers with young people, those who care about them and work with them

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