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I’ve joined forces with Boots, P&G ,celeb mum Nadia Sawalha and her daughter Maddie to launch the new #TeenTalk campaign, providing parents with the tools and tips they need to help their teen as they enter puberty.

New research shows that parents are having difficulty approaching the ‘teen conversation’ First shaves, first periods and new personal hygiene and skincare regimes are all unfamiliar experiences  for teens and can be a difficult topic for parents to approach.

Having worked with teens for 25 years so extensively, and as a mother myself I understand the challenges of communicating with teens all too well.  They suddenly go from wanting to tell mum everything, to one word answers!

From 11th May all our advice and tips are exclusively available at Boots stores in the free #Teentalk guide – and footage of Nadia and I chatting about #TeenTalk , are available to watch at boots.com

Win a pack of Teen Conversation Cards

To celebrate the #TeenTalk campaign I will be giving away 5 packs of Fink Teen Conversation Cards each week until the 9th June. 

”I was excited to receive the product as I was hoping it would help me and Amy discuss things through a ‘game’ without her feeling like I am prying or nagging her. She responded to the idea well and thought that it would be entertaining to try them. We have sat down a number of times and used them and it has really helped us to both talk about things together without feeling too serious. Amy has responded to them well and I would definitely recommend them as it’s a great way to communicate easily. They are good value, nice quality and the content is good too.”  Holly Miller – Amy 15 Years

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Win a pack of Teen Fink Cards

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