Yeah, you found me!

I am a Saviour of Maidens, Champion of Heroes, Slayer of Dragons and Defender of all things pink and fluffy.

It is great to have you here, let me take you for a tour (offers you a glass of pink champagne and comfy slippers).

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Be Bright, Be Bold, Be Brave

My mission in life is support people to have the courage and bravery to be awesome and do amazing stuff in the world.

At the moment I use my superpowers with young people, those who care about them and work with them

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I love the sound of my own voice.

I can often be found wearing a superhero cape, talking about The Hunger Games and using the metaphor of story to get my message across. I loves Heroes and Heroines, slay Dragons often, love cakes and have a huge shoe collection.

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Dare to be Bright

"Sarah helped me think about my goals and what I would like to work towards. She has made me realise that I am capable if I put the work in. My priorities are different; I want to do better now. I know exactly where I was going wrong and now I think that success is not something that others can tell you how to achieve. Instead you have to work it out for yourself".

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