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Generation Z – the low down from what I see.

Thoughts on Generation Z - from someone who spends all of her time with them. I have read a lot recently on Gen Z and it seems that the Millennials and Gen Y have faded [...]

The Trouble with Bright Girls

Are we failing girls? I recently read an interesting article entitled The Trouble with Bright Girls. The article was talking about how as women we put ourselves and our abilities down, often apologising for our intelligence [...]

What is the impact of the digital divide?

What is the digital divide? The term is used to describe an economic inequality between groups, where some have access to information and communication technologies and others don’t. But it’s also used to describe the [...]

Does SpongeBob wreck children’s ability to concentrate?

Scientists claim animations can over-tax young brains. Watching fast-paced cartoons harms toddlers’ ability to concentrate and solve logic-based puzzles, as well as undermining their short-term memory, according to research. ‘Our results are consistent with other [...]

Teen Trends: Too much information!

Your private thoughts should be private! As some of you may know, I recently accompanied my daughter to a single launch for a soon-to-be-famous, I am sure, boy band.  It wasn't as hideous as I [...]