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Meet Me

“Girl, put your records on, tell me your favorite song
You go ahead, let your hair down”

Corinne Bailey Rae

You Found me

Hi, I’m Sarah and I like to think of myself as a Human De-coder because as well as sounding cool I’m not sure what else to call myself.

I’m a challenger of social norms, long-held biases and the status quo because this out-dated thinking is getting us nowhere.

I use my investigative ability coupled with my understanding of human behaviour to encourage creative thinking, deeper understanding and modern, thoughtful ways to solve problems.


I believe that most strategies don’t work, not because the solution was necessarily bad, but because there was a lack of real understanding, proper needs analysis, and incorrect assumptions made in the first place. My job is to put an end to that.


But what do you do Sarah?


I challenge societal norms, long-held biases, and the status quo. So I can disrupt outdated thinking and support innovative, modern and thoughtful ways of solving problems.

My Murky Past

My first job ever was at Disney World in Florida and my last was as a police officer in London. That sums me up really; Buzz Lightyear and Agent Prentice, all rolled into one.

I’ve done lots and I mean lots; managed bars, hotels, restaurants, pounded the streets of London, arrested people and appeared in the Old Bailey. More recently I’ve written books, had a TV series, spoken at a lot of corporate shindigs and a few conferences, consulted with some Fortune 500s, shared the stage with some big media types, written for most leading newspapers  and even had a stint on Loose Women, which I can testify is terrifying!

I was known as the UK’s leading teen coach, the youth expert and a Teenologist.

But that’s the past, and you know a girl has to move on.

Now, let’s listen to my favourite song.