Parents, are you ready to finally stop the never-ending cycle of disagreements, arguing and repeating yourself endlessly?


Get back in the driver’s seat and take the first steps to build a more peaceful and harmonious home life.

TV star and author Sarah Newton will share with you how to survive the teen years without pulling your hair out.

On Sarah’s new course  you will discover:

  1. The biggest parenting mistake you are making and how to stop it.
  2. How to teach your teen that there is more to life than gimme, gimme, gimme?
  3.  How to encourage your teen to take responsibility and start doing things without you having to nag.
  4.  How to to discipline your teen without starting World War Three?

Hailed as the “Super Nanny for Teens” by the TV Times

Super Nanny for Teens Sarah NewtonSarah Newton has been helping youth and families for over 17 years of her life, initially as a police officer in the Met and for the last 10 years running her own youth consultancy business as a teenologist, celebrity parent coach, speaker and family peacemaker.

She has worked with and transformed some of the most difficult and empathetic young people and regularly appears in the media, giving her expert opinion. She has been featured on most UK TV channels (with one of her programmes watched by 1 in 4 of the UK population), hosted her own TV series (which has aired in America, Australia, New Zealand, Poland and Scandinavia), been involved with campaigns for such companies as MTV, Paramount and the BBC and has sat on future thought panels for ITV.

Her first book, “Help! My Teenager is an Alien – the everyday situation guide for parents” was launched in March 2007. This book has now been translated into Polish and Chinese.


If your teenager thinks that rules and regulations
don’t apply to them and you are just a glorified ATM,
then this course may change their life.

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackLearn how to say No confidently and deal with any repercussions.

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackLearn sure fire ways to get what you need done without resorting to shouting.

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackStop nagging and give your teen empowering choices.

If you ask most parents what they want for their children, most will answer, “I want them to be happy, healthy and confident.”

Ask parents of teenagers and most will say, “I just wish they would do as I tell them!”

The teenage years can feel like a never-ending cycle of disagreements, arguing and endless repetition.

Parents end up feeling frustrated, exhausted and alone.

Their earlier dreams of raising a happy, healthy, confident child turn into, “Please let me just get through this day without another row!”

If only they would listen to you, do as you ask.

I mean, how on earth are they going to take responsibility and cope on their own? You feel like you are turning into a nag.

It has totally changed our life at home.

“You would be happy to hear – that hourly conversation has changed everything for us!

By changing my approach there has been no major issues with my son!  I only had to use the first step of the four step method as he would respond well to me pointing out that he is shouting or getting stressed unnecessarily! But I also know it will only work if I don’t shout either, and so far I have managed that most of the time… Amazing what influence we parents have no them and how MUCH we are to blame!!

Yesterday I came home to find all washing up done, trash taken out and tea waiting for me! I didn’t even ask, and it seems he does know what he has to do and the less I ask the more he does! Many thanks for this enlighten session. It has totally changed our life at home. ” Kasia

Why is parenting teens so hard?

There are many reasons, due to the change in their brain structure and their natural instinct to buck against the family system, but without a shadow of a doubt in my experience the transition to the teen years is so difficult because most parents have not moved forward with their teenager and are stuck in their managing role that they took on so well before.

When things start going wrong in the teen years, parents do more of what they did before to try and get their teenager to behave better.


 For parents who feel like they are banging their heads against a brick wall don’t worry, help is at hand.

Here’s what Sarah’s Course can do for you:

At the end of this 10-session programme you will have learnt:

1. How to say No confidently and deal with any repercussions

2. How to build up respect in your home

3. How to work with your teen to instil responsibility

4. How to stop nagging and give your teen empowering choices

5. How to remove any tensions and ensure everyone is getting along better

6. How to talk to your teen so they will listen and listen so they will talk

7. How to punish and be tough without destroying the relationship

8. How to motivate and kick into action even the most disengaged teen

9. Sure fire ways to get what you need done without resorting to shouting

10. And last but not least, you will learn how to enjoy being with your teenager AND HAVE SOME FUN!

And, here’s the best part: You have Sarah holding your hand every step of the way, so you get the results you need from this programme.

Sarah spotted exactly what it was that was required.

“I had cause to ask Sarah for some help in what I saw as a downward spiralling situation with my almost 16 year old daughter.  I knew the answer lay with me, but for the life of me, I couldn’t work out what it was I could do to be the mother I wanted to be.  I thought all avenues were closed and there were only dead ends.  With kindness and distance, Sarah spotted exactly what it was that was required – and I hit my forehead with my hand in a real ‘duh’ moment.  I’m eternally grateful to you Sarah.  So simple, so obvious and so out of sight.  The love that I’ve not known how to show is now flowing again.’  Jackie Walker

How does it work?

On signing up you get access to Sarah’s on-line platform. The lessons are delivered to you over ten days and you work at a pace that suits you. Within the platform you interact with Sarah through questions and answers to ensure you understand the material , and are apply to apply all of Sarah’s tools and techniques so they are effective.

This course will give you everything you need to start making significant changes in your home right away and begin building a more peaceful and harmonious environment.

I want in show me how?

Level One – Course with Support

Level One includes:

1.  10 informative and action packed lessons which are yours to keep forever.

2. Check in on-line support from Sarah. After each module you will let Sarah know how it went, what went well and what didn’t go so well and she will coach you and support you, making this experience much better for you.

I cannot tell you how valuable this extra support will be; you will have Sarah holding your hand, it will be like she is there with you

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£23 or $37 (approx)


 Level Two – Course with Support and a session with Sarah

Level Two includes:

1.  10 informative and action packed lessons which are yours to keep forever.

2. Check in on-line support from Sarah. After each module you will let Sarah know how it went, what went well and what didn’t go so well and she will coach you and support you, making this experience much better for you.

3. One hour session on the phone or skype with Sarah.

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£60 or $90 (approx)

  I’ve gained a new balance

“I’ve enjoyed the journey of developing parenting my teenagers. I was finding it difficult to get what I needed as a mum, while ensuring that I fulfilled my duties as a parent. I’ve gained a new balance” of being able to meet my own needs and meet my children’s needs without feeling guilty about taking time for myself. I have learnt to add the word respect to my acknowledgement of others. It’s been great to have the support of Sarah, and the framework to move in, which I surely would have lost track of if Sarah had not been there as my coach. -Catherine Shaw

A less stressful relationship with your teenager is waiting– are you ready to claim it?