Could the future be more rosy? Gen Z

It looks like things are looking up for Generation Z. A few articles I have seen lately have made me think that we may talk about the next generation in a different way.

Research that has been done into parenting has shown that there has been a shift from Helicopter Parenting to what has become known as Less Focused Parenting, which is allowing our children to get on with a bit more.

According to Penelope Trunk of Brazen Careerists this is good news from employers, as it meansGen-Z will be more self-directed, will process information at lightning speed and will be smarter. So, in effect they will be more able to be left to their own devices without requiring constant feedback.

A report out in Australia also has more good news, saying that Gen-Z are more financially preparedthan their predecessors.

And then from the UK, Nuffield Foundation says that today’s parents are taking a more active role in their children’s lives than parents two decades ago. Parents are spending more time with their teenagers and are more likely to monitor their children’s whereabouts than parents in the 1980s. This goes against what we are led to believe, which is that parenting is worsening.

So this is all good news for the next generation.

And I think Generation Z will certainly bring a change with them, maybe not as dramatic as Gen-Y but it will have an impact.

Here is my take on Gen-Z

Generation Z?

And soon Generation Z, born after 2001, are coming up. I do not doubt that they will bring a whole new set of challenges. Born into a downturn in the economy, they will have very different views on life. Generation Z are believed by most to bring equality and fairness back. Artistic leaders, they will be advocates of fairness and the politics of inclusion, irrepressible in the wake of failure. And I certainly can see these characteristics in my little Gen Z, who has such a innate knowledge of what is fair, it is incredible.


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