For frustrated, exhausted Parents of Teenagers who feel they are doing this all alone. A FREE E-Book from Leading youth consultant Sarah Newton.

How to ease the stress,  take charge and stop all  the arguing.

The Top Ten Parenting Teen Tips to Transform your home

This E-book will teach you practical techniques such as:

  • What to do when your child swears at you.
  • How to instill a sense of respect in your home.
  •  When and how to negotiate with your teen.
  •  Some simple strategies that can make your home feel less like a war zone.

TV star and author Sarah Newton will share with you the top tips  that you need to know to make living with your teen easier.

This e-book will give you practical information to use in your home right away.

You are going to love this e-book, especially if you…

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackWant to take charge and stop all the arguing.


Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackWant to learn how to talk to your teen so that they will listen.


Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackWant to remove tension and build a harmonious, peaceful family unit.

Hailed as the “Super Nanny for Teens” by the TV Times

Super Nanny for Teens Sarah NewtonSarah Newton has been helping youth and families for over 17 years of her life, initially as a police officer in the Met and for the last 10 years running her own youth consultancy business as a teenologist, celebrity parent coach, speaker and family peacemaker.

She has worked with and transformed some of the most difficult and empathetic young people and regularly appears in the media, giving her expert opinion. She has been featured on most UK TV channels (with one of her programmes watched by 1 in 4 of the UK population), hosted her own TV series (which has aired in America, Australia, New Zealand, Poland and Scandinavia), been involved with campaigns for such companies as MTV, Paramount and the BBC and has sat on future thought panels for ITV.

Her first book, “Help! My Teenager is an Alien – the everyday situation guide for parents” was launched in March 2007. This book has now been translated into Polish and Chinese.

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“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the perfect place to be,right now, emotionally. I sometimes feel like such a failure as a mom, but then I visit your site and I slowly come back to my senses and realize that I’m doing my best, and that I’m not alone. Your tips and techniques really help me get myself back on track. You have come up with a brilliant idea, making this much-needed information and support available to all of us, worldwide”. Marielle Cassie Beaudoin