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Products to get your teen talking

Teen Conversation Cards

Working with  Fink Sarah brings you a pack of controversial cards that are guaranteed to get you and your teen talking. Communication is the number one way to keep your teenager happy and healthy. Talking to your teen will open doors for both of you and strengthen your relationship. This pack of controversial questions, headlines, statistics and statements that are guaranteed to get you and your teen talking!

 “These cards have enabled us a family to openly discuss issues that affect them everyday, drugs and sex are often taboo subjects between parents and their children and these cards have really helped to disperse that negativity. I can now relax and know that the children can come to us with any issue and get the RIGHT answer and dismiss well meaning friends advice in the playground.” Nicki Baxter, Northampton


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Fink Original Family Edition

A pack of 54 fun, thought provoking question cards that will change your conversation forever! Brilliant fun with lots of laughter, these wonderful conversation cards will get you family and friends talking. Good family communication helps children become confident communicators, it also helps families navigate challenging times. Fink Cards help create fun conversations that get people talking

“If you’re having trouble persuading your children to do more than grunt at mealtimes, Fink™ Cards could be just what you need.”


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Sarah’s Books

Named by The Independent in “The 10 Best guides to teens”

It was all so easy in the beginning. There you were with your tiny bundle of joy, looking forward to their first word, first steps, first day at school. You felt proud and privileged to be a parent and it wasn’t until their teens that you began to wonder where it all went wrong …Suddenly your child is transformed into a sulky and disobedient teenager whose only means of communication consists of grunts and door slamming. You’re nearing the end of your tether – but rest assured, here is a teen expert who has the skills and knowledge to help you regain control. Sarah Newton has years of experience working with teenagers, and is the expert for the popular ITV2 series “My Teen’s a Nightmare – I’m Moving Out!”. By following her advice you will see how the barriers can be broken down and a new level of understanding reached between you and your child. Try Sarah’s methods out at home and see what a difference they can make to your family life.

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Parents, are you ready to finally stop the never-ending cycle of disagreements, arguing and repeating yourself endlessly?

If you ask most parents what they want for their children, most will answer, “I want them to be happy, healthy and confident.” Ask parents of teenagers and most will say, “I just wish they would do as I tell them!” The teenage years can feel like a never-ending cycle of disagreements, arguing and endless repetition. TV star and author Sarah Newton will share with you how to survive the teen years without pulling your hair out.

In Sarah’s new book you will discover:

1. The biggest parenting mistake you are making and how to stop it.

2. How to teach your teen that there is more to life than gimme, gimme, gimme?

3. How to encourage your teen to take responsibility and start doing things without you having to nag.

4. How to to discipline your teen without starting World War Three?

Get back in the driver’s seat and take the first steps to build a more peaceful and harmonious home life. If your teenager thinks that rules and regulations don’t apply to them and you are just a glorified ATM, then this book may change their life.

-Learn how to say No confidently and deal with any repercussions.

-Learn sure fire ways to get what you need done without resorting to shouting.

-Stop nagging and give your teen empowering choices. Try Sarah’s methods out at home and see what a difference her practical, no-nonsense advice can make to your family life.

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A Parent’s Guide to Exams

In this e-book Leading Youth Coach Sarah Newton will guide you through the best way to support your teenager through their exams.Sarah used her Student Success System successfully with Youth all over the country and 90% of all student she works with increase their grades in at least 3 subjects. Learn the secrets she uses.

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Raising Confident Girls Inside and Out.

Join two of the world’s leading experts in increasing self-esteem in young girls as they show you how to help your daughter to create a positive body image and feel confident inside and out.

Sarah Newton (leading youth coach) and Lara Williams (creator of “Love the Real You” skincare) will give you tips on what to do daily in your home to ensure that:

  • Your daughter is not negatively influenced by the media.
  • Your daughter starts to love herself inside and outside.
  • Your daughter will start to develop the courage, confidence and capacity she needs to go out into the world feeling comfortable with whom she really is.


Raising Confident Girls Inside and Out includes:

A one hour webinar with leading youth and parent coach Sarah Newton showing you how to Parent Teen Girls to raise their confidence.

A one hour webinar with leading teen coach Lara Williams showing you how to talk to your daughter about body image and increase their confidence.

Six interviews with leading experts in the field.

And you get all this for the low price of £14.99

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