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Gone Girl not my cup of tea

imagesSo this weekend was full of hankies, Vicks and films, two films in fact that I have wanted to see for ages. One was “Gone Girl” and the other “The Maze Runner” (I loved the book).  I wanted to see “Gone Girl” because I had heard so much about it (good and bad) I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

While the rest of the audience gasped and laughed and came out the cinema gushing with praise, I was there going “what the **** was that?”. I picked it apart with my husband at length. It was a good story, had lots of subliminal messages (that I liked) , had good acting and a great twist (even though I had figured it out)  . I should have liked it, except I didn’t. It made me feel uncomfortable, I found it cold, calculated and void of any human emotion (which perhaps it was meant to be), I thought it had unnecessary scenes in it just to shock. I just didn’t dig it. Then it struck me. I see films as a way to learn and heal and grow in fact so much so I got trained in cinematherapy. I think in films, we see on the screen a part of ourselves that needs to change and we learn through watching. I want to come out of the movies and feel I have learnt, grown or healed a little. Watching a film for mindless entertainment is not my thing anymore. And in “Gone Girl” there wasn’t a little bit of me that felt connected to the story or the characters therefore I wasn’t learning and it bored me. It wasn’t a bad film it just didn’t engage me the way I want to be engaged. End of really.

Now The Maze Runner on the other hand I adored – so much in fact I have already seen it twice. Watching it makes me ask myself questions like, “could I survive that?” , “How would I respond to that?”, “What role would I play here?”.

So I guess the moral of the story is we love the films that resonate and hate the ones that don’t.

Would you like a Free Book on Friendship?

This week was a big week for me. I handed the draft of my first novel over to the most awesome editor. It was scary to say the least and I have to say tested my ability to say positive big time. It always feels like you are handing your child over to someone else when this happens and you just hope they are gentle with it.

To top it all off I then received a note from the amazing Annie Fox offering me a copy of her new book, which I have already read and is awesome. So I thought to celebrate sending a book out into the world I would offer my copy to someone who really wants it. So if you would like a copy of this great resourse e-mail me letting me know why you want and I will pick the best.

Also Annie has agreed to answer any friendship questions you have – so fire away below or e-mail me and I will get them to her.

In the meantime here is a little about Annie’s book.

The Girls Q&A Book on Friendship

50 Ways to Fix a Friendship Without the DRAMA

GirlsQandAFriendship-205x312“There are times when even best friends have problems and times when you wonder who your real friends are! That’s normal, but it can also be upsetting. When we’re upset, we don’t always know how to make things better and we need help.”
—Annie Fox, M.Ed.


• A new girl stole my bff! What do I do? • Why does she keep breaking promises? • Are they really “just kidding?” • Why is my friend being so mean? • How do I find new friends?! • Why are people mean to each other?

When you’ve got great questions like these, you need great answers—ASAP! But where do you find them? Right here in The Girls’ Q&A Book on Friendship: 50 Ways to Fix a Friendship Without the DRAMA

  • 50 puzzling friendship questions from real girls, each one insightfully illustrated
  • 50 clear answers to help you make your next best move
  • 25 Super Friend secrets from older girls
  • 5 Quizzes to test your friendship skills

Annie Fox has written a book that gives 8–12-year-old girls the tools and confidence to handle any friendship challenge with courage, empathy and respect. Because that’s the kind of girl the world needs more of!

Take a look 

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