Ten Things Gen Z Won’t Know About

Generation Z – how will we define them?

Love this post by Carol Phillips

Generation Z are our current youth they have always known a digital life. Starting date for Gen Z is ranging from 1995 -2001 at present.

1. Being lost without a map

2. Resolving a dispute without resorting to Google

3. Searching for change to make a pay phone call

4. Deciding which travel guide book to leave home

5. Having nothing good to watch on TV (or conversely having to decide between simultaneously scheduled favorites)

6. Checking prices with a travel agent (or realtor, or banker, or car dealer, or…)

7. Waiting for the bank statement to arrive to know your balance

8. Missing a rendezvous at a bar or restaurant

9. Forgetting to bring a coupon or flyer to the store with you

10. Going on a blind date

And I would like to add….

11. Rebel – this generation is most likely to rebel by behaving better :-)


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