Young teenage girls and alcohol

Binge Drinking – Teen’s View

There has been much written about “boozy Britain” and inparticularly our young girls and their binge drinking habits. So I thought I would ask one of my teenage writers “Are our young girls drowning in a sea of vodka” to see what young people feel about their portrayal in the press.  If you are worried about your daughter you can always look on-line and find a facility that treats alcoholics .

Here is what Teen Writer Jade said about alcohol.

Many teenagers do drink an awful lot and I have experienced cases of this myself. Ask any teenager why they spend their nights on a corner with a bottle of White Ace and 9 times out of 10 they will answer that there is little else to do, which in their view is very true.

Many towns do not accommodate for the young person. Youth clubs have been closed down to make way for casinos and music venues closed to build flats. Britain has a habit of pointing its finger at young people and forcing the blame on them and their parents, whereas maybe they should be taking a look at what they’re doing to put the teens there in the first place.

Its not as simple as black and white though, as we can’t just blame on our government or society. There are plenty of teenagers out there that choose not to drink excessive amounts of alcohol who, instead of putting their time into finding the next fake ID to buy drink, play music or take up drama.

They put their efforts into something other than getting inebriated to pass the time. It is unfair to put every teenager into the same category as the ones who choose to do this, but I find that this is what happens. The thing is, we’re not all boozy birds. I myself will go out and have a good time with my friends, but I know my limits and I think that’s the difference between lager louts and people who just want to enjoy themselves.

The sad thing is that the media, which plays us all up to be thugs, thieves and drunks, has left a very obvious dent on our society. My nan who is 67 told me the other day that she was scared to walk to the local shop in fear of being mugged.

It’s a sad world when you’re scared even to leave your front door.

Yes, some teens are drinking obscene amounts, but most some aren’t. We’re not drowning in a sea of vodka yet. But if the powers that be do not take some time to review the reasons why we’re stood out on the street corners, then I fear the problem will increase and society will become more and more wary of the hoodie culture that we all seem to be so obsessed with.

Meet Teen Writer Jade

Well hello. I’m jade-abby. i want to make something of myself and maybe in turn try and do a little bit of good in this world. life is to short to say what if and that is something I live by.

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