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Why everyone is wrong about Generation Z

What you really need to know about Generation Z I have spent over 30 years working with young people(Generation Z); I have seen and worked with two distinct generations, Generation Y and now Generation Z. This experience puts me in a unique position to comment on this generation by being part of ... READ the POST

Gen Z and False assumptions, who are they?

What if what everyone is saying about Gen Z is simply not true. Lately, there have been a lot of things circulating about Gen Z that to me just seem to be untrue. I believe it all stems from some research and confirms what I have believed and been saying for a long time, that you really can’t ... READ the POST

Why I prefer being a plus one

I was never meant to be ‘the one’ just a plus one.  Those who have been around me for a while will know that I was never the plus one I was always ‘the one’. I had a TV show, book deal. appearances on this that and whatever programme and I felt important. But it took a toll on me I don’t think I ... READ the POST

The Drama Triangle – why drama is a choice.

When it comes to the drama triangle it's really not worth it.  Without a doubt, when someone explained The Drama Triangle to me it changed the way I looked at everything. I want to explain my brief understanding of it with you here in the hope that it might have an impact on you too. What is The ... READ the POST

The Snowflake Generation has turned nasty

The two things that I wish I had taught about the snowflake generation but didn’t. I know, I hate the term Snowflake Generation too, but I’m trying to prove a point here, so bear with me. There were two things that bother me a lot when I looked at Generation Z and their on-line behaviour, two ... READ the POST