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Is Parent Coaching a con?

Did we have this parent coaching thing wrong all along? I know this title will not gain me many friends in the parent coaching industry and yes, I know I have at times called myself a parent coach - I even trained as one - however that training was 17 years ago. I trained before anyone in the UK ... READ the POST

Why I adore Bella Swan from Twilight

My addiction to Twilight I spent the bank holiday weekend watching the Twilight series, I often do this (don’t judge me). There is something about the whole series that captivates me. I don’t think there is another series that captures every human emotion so well and particularly the messy feelings ... READ the POST

13 Reasons why helped young people to talk.

Why we should embrace shows like '13 Reasons Why' this instead of demonising them As the speculation on Season 2 of "13 Reasons Why" keeps growing, I for one am holding my breath to see what subject Netflix tackles next in this series. My thoughts are it could be school shooting, but you can bet ... READ the POST