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Body hair and the way we view it is changing.

The new way we are viewing body hair. 

I’m not sure if anyone watched the latest razor ads for women with their mouth open as I did. I wonder if anyone thought how far the feminist movement had truly moved forward when they saw the advert. Clearly not, as I haven’t heard anyone talk about it at all which seems odd; maybe it was no big deal, maybe people didn’t see what I did or maybe no one cares, but I do.  I see Generation Z changing the whole way we view body hair. 

Girl with arm lifted up showing body hair

I remember speaking at an event for Proctor and Gamble a few years ago. I was talking about Generation Z, what their expectations are and what the company may need to do to reach them. I talked a lot about how the messaging would need to change, how they would need to think of shaving as an option, not something that could be assumed. At the time my thoughts were met with skepticism, but never the less I held fast and true and it seems I was right.

This new wave of female shaving adverts are beginning to clearly gives the message that shaving is a choice and not a given, which for me feels like not only a pat on the back but a tiny victory for womankind.

But let’s be clear here, the fact that these types of adverts are unusual shows you how far we have to still go. The fact that when females show underarm hair it still warrants comment, the fact that all the love island contestant seems shaved to an inch of their life, including the boys and the fact that we are even talking about leg hair on a woman when it is natural is an odd world to live in.

And let’s not forgot who this really is a victory for; all those young women who spoke out on social media, who showed their underarm and leg hair, some even dying it. It’s those that broke the mould and decided to do things like this to break the stigma that we owe this shift too. Granted, it took about 5 years, or should I say decades or millennia to happen but we got there eventually, so how can we move on to normalising the female nipple, please?

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