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The Good Wife TV show taught me to be a better person

TV shows like The Good Wife are my best source of personal development

People often laugh at me when I tell them that I get most of my self-empowerment advice from TV shows, but it’s true, I do. And one of the things that have changed my life dramatically I learnt from The Good Wife and it’s something I think we could all do with a little bit of at the moment.

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Now before I start I should point out that as an ex-police officer I have always been obsessed with evidence, facts, and data over conjecture, opinion, and arbitrary forecasting. I deal with most of my life problems by separating them into the facts of the situation and the feelings and dealing with the facts to change the feelings. I almost have a mini courtroom going on in my head at all times.

So back to The Good Wife. For those that haven’t watched this show, it is about lawyers and that’s pretty much all you need to know to understand the next point. So, in the series, there is one particular judge that requires the lawyers to say in my opinion before they sum up or make a statement that isn’t based on a fact. So if a lawyer is summing up or making an assumption based upon what they think the evidence says, she always corrects them and makes them say in my opinion before anything.

As someone who always wants to be right and wants to get my point across, this in my opinion helped me solve so many issues.

When you begin to realise that anything not based on a fact or evidence is just opinion, you feel released from making you right and others wrong. I’ve stopped arguing my point with boneheads on the internet and just reply to their stupid comments with ‘in your opinion’. I’ve stopped getting mad with media outcries and say to myself, in your opinion. I’ve stopped getting into political debates because quite frankly, they are all opinion and conjecture. And maybe more importantly I’ve stopped trying to make people see things my way, because it’s just my opinion, up to them if they want to listen or not.

Can you imagine what a more tolerant world we would live in if, at any time that someone wasn’t stating a real hard fact, they started with ‘in my opinion’ because really, that is what we are spouting most of the time. Yes, that opinion might be based on years of study or similar situations or your expertise, but it’s still an opinion. Some opinions may carry more weight than others but it’s all still opinion. If it’s not a fact it’s an opinion.

So, in my opinion, we all just need to be a little more opinionated.

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