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“Women do not exist to satisfy the male gaze”

Florence Given

For as long as I can remember I’ve been fighting to be a woman in my own right, from pestering the school to allow girls to play rugby, making a fuss when I was told my skirt was too short and doing everything a young lady wasn’t supposed to do.

I still get infuriated by everyday sexism and how it is so difficult to raise young girls that aren’t affected by the biases that still exist in the world.

I have written several pieces for the Daily Mail and appeared on Loose Women, fighting for a mother’s right to let her child wear whatever she wants without being judged.

Daily, I find myself having to deconstruct all I have learnt from society about what it is to be a woman and I challenge my own daughters to do the same.

I’m going to be talking much more about what it takes to raise a girl so she challenges these norms and how we navigate these tricky waters. If you like the sound of that then please sign up below.

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