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“A person’s a person, no matter how small.”

 Dr. Seuss

I’ve worked with young people in one way or another for over 28 years now and when it comes to this generation I just get it. From my work with young offenders in the police to my 15+ years of youth coaching, I’ve got bag loads of experience.

But as you would expect, what I do differs. Instead of looking at what worked I always looked at what didn’t work and why. I was looking for the gaps, for all the things that affect youth behaviour, the things others might not be looking at.

This led me to the conclusion that to shift any behaviour we first have to shift identity and shifting identity is a complex process, one often overlooked in most interventions.

I came up with something I call The Human Identity Matrix ™; its job is to collect personal data and calculate the impact factors and impact opportunities in any situation. Its job is to make sure any and all interventions or solutions will have the maximum impact.

Together with Clare Hanbury and Children for Health, we created a Participatory Inquiry Process ™ that can be used and applied to any youth intervention to ensure success.

I will be creating some resources and talking about the matrix. If you would like to be one of the first people to know about that, please sign up here.

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