I ask smart questions to smart people.

So we can change the Future for the better. 

Smart Solutions for
Complex Problems


My solutions are always practical and workable.

I currently consult with organizations and charities to create and implement behavioural change models that take an innovative and investigative approach to sustained systemic change  


For over 15 years, I have consulted with companies on future trends.

I’m known for my creative foresight and human understanding, which I use to help organisations and businesses plan and create for the next generation.  I often work on future forecasting.


My proprietary methodology de-codes complex problems to find the simplest, most impactful solutions.  

My varied and practical experience has led me to believe that, wherever applied, most strategies must consider a combination of factors to be effective, sustainable, and impactful.

A world of whys, why nots and what ifs.

My life’s work is understanding people. I’ve been called a  human decoder which I like as it sounds all mysterious and spy-like

I have over 30 years of experience creating and implementing strategies that change people’s behaviour. From my early work in marketing to my investigative work as a police officer and my later work with behavioural change programmes in schools, I have always been interested in why people behave the way they do.

I am very happy in a world filled with whys, why nots, and what ifs. 

My Approach


I have spent over 10 years in the police. My work in the police impacts how I look at problems and find solutions. My proprietary methodology in unlike anything you have seen before.


I'm trained in reality therapy and coaching methodologies, with a thirst for facts, evidence, and the real truth. My solutions are always visionary, practical and pragmatic. I believe effective, sustainable, and impactful change starts with changing hearts and minds.


I have spent 10 years studying and implementing generational theory and over 30 years working with young people. When it comes to what's next I am always ahead of the curve.


I have spent most of my life creating behavioural change and participatory models, and asking questions. My work disrupts outdated thinking and creates innovative actions.

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